To run the latest version of Docker each time you start it, it’s as easy as creating and running this script:


if [[ -f ~/dockerbin/docker ]] ; then
rm docker
if [[ ! -d ~/dockerbin/ ]] ; then
 mkdir ~/dockerbin

wget \
-O ~/dockerbin/docker

chmod +x ~/dockerbin/docker
sudo ~/dockerbin/docker $OPTS &

If you need to add special options (like -g to change the location of the Docker install directory), you can edit the variable at the top of the file.

I don’t recommend using this for production systems, but while Docker is under heavy development, this is an easy way to stay up-to-date and get the bugfixes.

Author’s Note

I’m beginning to copy over my technology-related posts from Google+ to this blog, mostly so I have an easy-to-read record of them. This one was originally published on 13 May 2014: Quick Docker Tip