Quick Bash Script to Update Docker

Quick Docker Tip To run the latest version of Docker each time you start it, it's as easy as creating and running this script: #!/bin/bash OPTS="-d" if [[ -f ~/dockerbin/docker ]] ; then rm docker fi if [[ ! -d ~/dockerbin/ ]] ; then mkdir ~/dockerbin fi wget https://get.docker.io/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-latest \ -O ~/dockerbin/docker chmod +x ~/dockerbin/docker … Continue reading Quick Bash Script to Update Docker

Ramble on Docker and Open Source Learning

I'm a HUGE proponent of Open Source learning, and I think technology is going to both inform the way it works (taking it's cues from the Open Source world) and provide the platform for this new type of learning. Just finding more ways to bring these two worlds together is both challenging and exciting. In my opinion, there should be more full time positions at both institutions of learning and technology companies dedicated to this cause.

SSH In a Docker CentOS Container

TL;DR: sed -i 's/session required pam_loginuid.so/session optional pam_loginuid.so/' /etc/pam.d/sshd I've previously posted (http://goo.gl/pCRkQ6) about failure SSH'ing into a Docker container running an ssh server. The prevailing fix online is to just change "UsePAM yes" to "UsePAM no" in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. But PAM is useful, and that's not really a fix. Thanks to Sean Dilda, … Continue reading SSH In a Docker CentOS Container