Quick Tip – Docker ENV variables

It took me a little while to notice what was happening here, so I'm writing it down in case someone else needs it. Consider this example Dockerfile: FROM centos:centos7 MAINTAINER Chris Collins ENV VAR1="foo" ENV VAR2="bar" It's common practice to collapse the ENV lines into a single line, to save a layer: FROM centos:centos7 MAINTAINER Chris … Continue reading Quick Tip – Docker ENV variables

How ’bout CoreOS as your Cloud base?

I've heard the name CoreOS around a little bit over the last two months or so, but it hadn't really jumped out at me until last week when Mark McCahill mentioned it in a meeting. He'd read some pretty cool things about it: minimal OS, designed for running Docker containers, easy distributed configuration, default clustering … Continue reading How ’bout CoreOS as your Cloud base?